Charles Snow, is a former Advanceman to the President, a Director of two Democratic State Parties, a Deputy Chief of Staff to a US Senator, a Personal Assistant to a Mayor, a City Coordinator for a Public Relations Campaign, a Special Assistant to the Vice-President of the NYC Board of Education, an Advance Manager for the 1996 Atlanta Committee Olympic Games, the Senior Consultant for the NAACP's Civic Engagement program for the 2016 presidential election cycle, and a political consultant who's worked on many campaigns, in many different positions, for many years, etc. 

As a political operative, who specializes in providing voter contact and GOTV services to the Base Vote constituency for federal, state and municipal candidates, he has also worked as a staffer or consultant with the Democratic National Committee on 6 different presidential cycles to organize, coordinate and manage campaigns. He recently worked as a GOTV Consultant successfully electing a new Premier and parliament for the country of Bermuda.  

Currently, Snow is the Manager of BaseVote, a public affairs firm founded in the new millennium by national operatives who specialize in outreach and organizing campaigns to the African American community. 

Chuck, although he's Boston Strong and Brooklyn Bred, he's DC Based!

In addition to his professional experiences, Snow's upbringing makes him adaptable and street smart.

From the educational towers of the Boston School system, to the city streets of Brooklyn, New York to the power corridors of Washington, DC, Chuck is very adept at strategic planning and can shift tactics for whatever terrain is appropriate.

His favorite advise for his clients is..."Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat". "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory"!

​                                                                         --- Sun Tzu

Charles graduated from Brandeis University and earned his Masters in I/T from the University of Maryland University College.

        Political  Consultant

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